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Disillusion - The Porter (8,5/10) - Germany - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Voice Of Life
Playing time: 09:24
Band homepage: Disillusion


  1. The Porter - A Lament
  2. Eternal Duality
Disillusion - The Porter
A two track single, this is something we only get very rarely indeed… German DISILLUSION are one of these rare occasions and their two tracker "The Porter" even has been released via a "regular" label, Voice Of Life Records.

And apparently we have a quite ambitioned band here, because there is a whole concept lying underneath these two songs and apparently more, as on their website you can not only find more about the concept, but also a literature webpage, so definitely more than just your regular other band and this also is applicable for the music, which's foundation definitely is Death Metal, but DISILLUSION only build on this one.

The trio from Leipzig is combining straight and heavy Death Metal with breaks, calmer and more melodic passages, classical Death Metal vocals and an excellent clear voice, which altogether results in a very varied and interesting mixture, which takes a plethora of influences from Death Metal over Thrash Metal, Power Metal, Progressive Metal and even some more modern elements and fuses it together into a demanding, but still always accessible whole that marks DISILLUSION as one of Germany's most promising new acts and subsequently Metal Blade have taken them under their wings by now, a wise choice, if you ask me!

The second track "Eternal Duality" takes up a similar form and mixture, just with a bigger emphasis on the German Thrash, but without losing their genuinely original, yes almost unique sound, and even though it has tons of great melodies and a brilliant acoustic break after a bit more than 3 minutes, the song always stays unpredictable in its riffing and the technical drumming, showing a high level of song writing proficiency that has to be beheld.

If DISILLUSION manage to keep this up with their upcoming full length album, then may God have mercy, we will get one hell of an album, so watch out, this is a killer in the making! (Online July 22, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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