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Edguy - Burning Down The Opera-Live (6,5/10) - Germany - 2003

Genre: Power Metal
Label: AFM Records
Playing time: 61:03/42:35
Band homepage: Edguy


Disc 1:
  1. Welcome To The Opera
  2. Fallen Angels
  3. Tears Of A Mandrake
  4. Babylon
  5. Land Of The Miracle
  6. Painting On The Wall
  7. Wings Of A Dream
  8. The Headless Cross
  9. The Pharaoh
Disc 2:
  1. Vain Glory Opera
  2. Solitary Bunny
  3. Save Us Now
  4. How Many Miles
  5. Inside
  6. Avantasia
  7. Out Of Control
Edguy - Burning Down The Opera-Live
There is something about this band that I like. They have these cool atmospheres that compliment their Power Metal and it's enthralling. What I received here is a one-disc version of the double CD and it starts off with "Tears Of A Mandrake" that takes no time in luring you in. Of course, Tobias greets his fans like most people do when you start off a live disc. The song is complete with audience participation when it comes time to sing the title. Tobias's voice is amazing as he pulls this off live. The guitar solos are impressive and keep you hooked in.

The track listing for my promo is mixed up from the original listing on the disc. "Welcome To The Opera" and "Fallen Angels" are tracks two and three that are actually the first two to open the double CD if you have this already. At any rate, "Fallen Angels" is the rapid-fire Power Metal opener that really sets the pace for the show. The show was obviously recorded in France as you can hear Tobias talking to the crowd in French. Things get lame with the sappy power ballad "Land Of The Miracle". In the Power Metal world, this is probably one of the better power ballads, but this thing is cheesy and lame. The pianos used here are just a little too much. Leave the ballads to Hard Rock bands, not Metal bands.

"The Headless Game" saves the day with juicy and thick bass lines are used to open the song. Tobias then comes in and once again asking the audience to shout when he does. This goes on for the first couple of minutes before the song finally takes off. More Power Metal frenzy ensues here. A much slower, but still powerful tempo takes place with "The Pharaoh". More participation is heard here. Tobias loves interacting with the crowd.

This is a live CD that is not only produced well, but will satisfy everyone that worships this band until their next offering is ready for consumption. Hearing this band in a live setting sounds like a lot of fun. One could only imagine if you were there. LIVE! (Online December 22, 2003)

Joe Florez

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