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Accept - Russian Roulette (10/10) - Germany - 1986

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: RCA
Playing time: 43:20
Band homepage: -


  1. T.V. War
  2. Monsterman
  3. Russian Roulette
  4. It's Hard To Find A Way
  5. Aiming High
  6. Heaven Is Hell
  7. Another Second To Be
  8. Walking In The Shadow
  9. Man Enough To Cry
  10. Stand Tight
Accept - Russian Roulette
That I have a weakness for shrill singers should be no secret anymore. Singers like David Wayne (METAL CHURCH), Tim Baker (CIRITH UNGOL) or Wes Waddell (SEASONS OF THE WOLF) speak for themselves. The best one among them always will be Udo Dirkschneider of ACCEPT, though.

And my first album (the last of the Solingen based band before the split) "Russian Roulette" shows a band on its peak. When the big ACCEPT classics are to be counted, mostly names like "Restless And Wild", "Breaker" and "Balls To The Wall" are mentioned. But the 86 output is not a iota less good! Everything that ACCEPT ever stood for, dramatic song structures, Cossack choirs, crushing riffs, fantastic solos from Wolf Hoffmann's guitar, precise drum bulwark, a rhythm section working like a Swiss clockwork and an Udo in top form, is excellently bundled on this CD.

It's really hard to pick out any songs, but I'll still try. What CANDLEMASS' "Solitude" is for Doom Metal, definitely "Heaven And Hell" is for the regular Heavy Metal area, a hymn of unique tension for eternity! The furious opener "T.V. War" rams everything into the ground, completely unleashed! Also "Monsterman", already covered by SEVEN WITCHES, is a pure neckbreaker. And then the title song, starting out slowly, then rising hellishly, culminating in an infernal chorus, so divine that I almost lost my mind. And then…

Holy smokes, see that you get out and get this winged divine messenger, if you do not have it yet! Btw, "Russian Roulette" had been one of the first LPs to be blessed with one of the first "Warning" stickers in the States, courtesy of the troop around Tipper Gore. (Online July 19, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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