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Voivod - Rrröööaaarrr (2,5/10) - Canada - 1986/1988

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Noise Records
Playing time: 38:12
Band homepage: Voivod


  1. KorgŘll The Exterminator
  2. Fuck Off And Die
  3. Slaughter In A Grave
  4. Ripping Headaches
  5. Horror
  6. Thrashing Rage
  7. The Helldriver
  8. Build Your Weapons
  9. To The Death
Voivod - Rrröööaaarrr
1986, VOIVOD had switched from Metal Blade to Noise Records, the second album "Rrr÷÷÷aaarrr" came out. Until there the motto "Be happy and smile, it could get worse!" was the order of the day. So you were happy, you smiled and it got worse! VOIVOD had managed to top off their debut, but in the negative way.

Even more messed up, more chaotic, more destructive the album is only enjoyable for the completely demented. The music seems to have escaped from the brain of a psychopath, just like HELLHAMMER tried their luck with EINST▄RZENDE NEUBAUTEN. Roundabout in the vein of "Wanted, but not able to". The hectic Punk influences had won over completely or did the combo smoke some stuff that had not been known in Europe back then? I do not know and honestly I do not want to know either.

Fact is that this brutal wall of noise is just unnerving to me as I do not see any sense in this confused snotting. It is still better than garbage of the BLASPHEMY or NUCLEAR DEATH kind, but still, it is far from convincing either. But it is the perfect album to really bugger up a wonderful summer day!!!

After the release VOIVOD toured Europe together with DEATHROW and POSSESSED and could convince more or less. (Online July 24, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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