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Nevermore - Enemies Of Reality (9,5/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 41:09
Band homepage: Nevermore


  1. Enemies Of Reality
  2. Ambivalent
  3. Never Purify
  4. Tomorrow Turned Into Yesterday
  5. I, Voyager
  6. Create The Infinite
  7. Who Decides
  8. Noumenon
  9. Seed Awakening
Nevermore - Enemies Of Reality
When in the hell will this band make a bad record!? I will give these guys a million bucks if they could accomplish that. The fact here is that it's impossible for them to do. They are just that damn good. It seems like with each release their musicianship gets better and more mature while the lyrics just get darker. I don't know what would happen if any of the members were to be replaced.

This is the strongest four piece I have heard ever. Jeff's quick fingers and intricate playing is mesmerizing while Van's drums are just sick and tighter than a virgin. As for Jim's thick ass bass pounding, they just make the band's sound that much more rich. All the musicians compliment each other quite well along with Warrel's unique voice that can't be matched and that makes for a lethal band. The title track which opens the CD sets the pace for what is about to come. Plenty of intricate guitar and drum work with plenty of rhythm makes this one heavy as hell release that is catchy and will have you doing windmills all the way through the CD.

While the music may be wild, hard and heavy, the vocals don't have to be out of control just to compliment the music. Warrel makes good use of his voice. What I mean is that he can sing the high notes and scream, but at the same time he can be sombre and passionate which balances out fantastically. The CD lures you in which is great with the hard hitting title track, "Ambivalent" and "Never Purify" then you are hit with a power ballad of sorts with "Tomorrow..." Another powerful track that will just have you hypnotized. Another track that is unique with it's atmosphere and slow pacing is "Noumenon". Very ambient and mellow, yet dark and intriguing.

This CD is perfect. You would think that you would get tired of the CD with all it hard and heaviness, but they have a formula that many bands can't master. Mix the hard with the melodic. All of your songs don't have to be hard and heavy for 5 minutes or what not. Go from high to mid tempo. Change up the vocals here and there. This band does it all and does it well.

The musicianship is also perfect. Each song is not overpowered by their technical prowess. It's meticulously inserted when need be and they are short. They don't have to show off just how good each individual is. That's what makes this CD a pleasure to enjoy and why each release just gets better. Album of the month, yeah! Album of the year? Give me a HELL YEAH!!!! (Online September 28, 2003)

Joe Florez

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