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Atrocity - Gemini (2/10) - Germany - 2000

Genre: Modern Metal
Label: Motor Music
Playing time: 43:15
Band homepage: Atrocity


  1. Taste Of Sin
  2. Zauberstab
  3. Tanz der Teufel
  4. Liebesspiel
  5. Wilder Schmetterling
  6. Sound Of Silence
  7. Das 11.Gebot
  8. Sometimes...A Nightsong
  9. Seasons In Black
  10. Gemini
  11. Lili Marleen (German Version)
Atrocity - Gemini

Ouch! The cover is pretty bizarre, but lies on the same path that ATROCITY has been treading over the past few years... But what is inside is more important, so let's get it on.

"Taste Of Sin"... Whoa, help! What is this? Did RAMMSTEIN start a hostile takeover, or what? The guitars are almost purely lent from them, plus the feared Electronica, no thanks! But maybe this was a one-off-experiment, so let's flip the rest of the track: "Zauberstab", "Tanz der Teufel"... Holy Shit, this is getting worse! Apart from the vocals we have pure RAMMSTEIN goes Electronica now...

I could continue song for song, but I want to spare you and especially myself this experience, because what is offered here is almost beyond description, where is the originality of past times? The only three songs that I can listen to (almost) without regrets are the nice "Sound Of Silence"-cover (Simon & Garfunkel) with a duet between Krulle and Liv Kristine, in parts also the ATROCITY-version of "Lily Marleen" and the, in my opinion, best song "Sometimes...A Nightsong", but mainly, because it is the less typical track here, but nice Gothic Metal without RAMMSTEIN almost without Electronica.

But the rest? No, without me!

Who wants a CD for free?

Alexander Melzer

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