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Sethian - Into The Silence (8/10) - Finland - 2003

Genre: Gothic Rock
Label: Spinefarm
Playing time: 48:47
Band homepage: Sethian


  1. Nothing Is True >mp3
  2. Dream Domain >mp3
  3. Love Under Will
  4. Epitaph >mp3
  5. Too Far Gone
  6. Purity In Sorrow
  7. Dead Reckoning
  8. Magdalene
  9. Heavens May Fall
  10. Blood Calling
  11. Call Of The Wild
  12. Into The Silence
Sethian - Into The Silence

And another band with a well known musician in it: SETHIAN. The musician's name is Jukka Nevalainen, drummer of NIGHTWISH (ok, we also have musicians of WIZZARD and AGON here, but I do not think that you could exactly call them "well known"). But that should not let yourself be distracted, because SETHIAN are far away from the NIGHTWISH sound. Then again, if you read "Gothic Rock" as given style description you might go "No, not another one!", but wait before you give up on this sextet.

For one Gothic Rock alone does not fully describe the sound of SETHIAN, because they also take up elements from the Melodic Rock of the Eighties, mingling them with that almost typically Finnish sound, which I personally would not attribute the widely set category of Gothic Metal, because even though this band features three guitarists in their line up (Jussi Koponen, Juuso Jalasmäki (both also participating in the vocals) and Marco Kautonen), this rather massive array of six strings apart from some single songs does not really translate into an equally massive sound.

On the other hand the compositions of SETHIAN, while not providing us with anything really new, are so well crafted and arranged that any kind of accusations of jumping onto an already moving bandwagon are kind of void. And that is the strength of these Finns, that they are able to take the usual ingredients and form very tasty and harmonic compositions from it, which sound familiar, but not generic. The opening duo of "Nothing Is True" and the excellent "Dream Domain" should be enough to convince you of this.

What also adds to the overall very positive impression of "Into The Silence" is the very varied vocals, with Wilska (formerly in NATTVINDENS GRAT and now also in FINNTROLL, overall a jack-of-all-trades), Koponen and Jalasmäki (who both are the sole songwriters of SETHIAN except for "Blood Calling", where Wilska worked with Koponen) sharing the vocal duties, giving the songs (like the excellent "Dead Reckoning" with its backing choir) a very own and classy touch that further sets SETHIAN apart from the legions of colleagues not only in their home country.

The songs overall are held quite simple, are immensely catchy, but never flat, with a mature songwriting and an excellent sound (to get the album mixed by Mikko Karmila and mastered by Mika Jussila definitely helps), so if you have a tendency to like this style, then SETHIAN's debut is an excellent album to go for! (Online August 6, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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