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Thrust - Fist Held High (10/10) - USA - 1984

Genre: Power Metal
Label: High Vaultage
Playing time: 62:17
Band homepage: -


  1. Fist Held High
  2. Overdrive
  3. Freedom Fighters
  4. Metallic Attack
  5. Heavier Than Hell
  6. Thrasher
  7. Torture Chamber
  8. Posers Will Die!
  9. Destructer
  10. Iron Gates (Live)
  11. The Wolf (Live)
  12. Feast Of Flesh (Live)
  13. Hard Rider (Live)
Thrust - Fist Held High
THRUST had been already founded in 1981, in Chicago, Illinois. At first they played covertunes from JUDAS PRIEST & UFO but then they concentrated themselves on own material. After they got the chance to support MOTÖRHEAD, the record label Erect Records provided THRUST the possibility to make a split-CD with a little band called LAZER, a split-CD which contained some songs of a show in Chicago. The album is called "Rock For Poland" and the earned money was sent to poor people in Poland! The sales should be very good that time...

The real debut album "Fist Held High" was released in 1984 via Metal Blade and it really crushed into America like a bomb! It was flashy that the singer, who sang on "Rock For Poland" wasn't in the band anymore. The new man on micro was the many years drummer of the band, John Bonata. This man leaves a big mark on THRUST's sound, because his shrill, strange organ is more than original. He sounds a bit like Tim Baker of CIRITH UNGOL, so be warned. But that's the special about the band.

Compositions like the hymnal opener "Fist Held High" or the dark, dragging "Freedom Fighters" couldn't be imaginable without Bonata's Vocals. So, who digs on obscure Metal, should ensure this masterpiece. All songs are fist-class headbanger stuff, absolute cult and they belong to the finest of the 80s classics. Okay, THRUST had been never more than a secret tip in Germany. But who wants to research for all that cult bands of the 80s can't make a circle around this record.

The guys from High Vaultage have surpassed themselves once again. The package is really praisworthy. The fan gets information about a band, which about you could never read very much in Germany that time. Then are all lyrics available and as bonus you get the "Rock For Poland"-EP alike the contribution for the fourth Metal Massacre sampler "Destructor". So, if you're heart's not jumping when reading this, I can't help you. (Online August 9, 2003)

Ralf Henn

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