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Eyehategod - Confederacy Of Ruined Lives (5,5/10) - USA - 2000

Genre: Sludge Metal
Label: Century Media (USA)
Playing time: 40:20
Band homepage: Eyehategod


  1. Revelation/Revolution
  2. Blood Money
  3. Jack Ass In The Will Of God
  4. Self Medication Blues
  5. The Concussion Machine Process
  6. Inferior And Full Of Anxiety
  7. .001%
  8. 99 Miles Of Bad Road
  9. Last Year (She Wanted A Doll House)
  10. Corruption Scheme
Eyehategod - Confederacy Of Ruined Lives
I had thought the band dead already, after a four-year-silence, but now they are back and they sound as sick as ever.

The foundation of the EYEHATEGOD-sound surely is Doom, but of a so corrupted kind that the first sentence of the info, "EYEHATEGOD are contamination through music", just is the plain truth. Almost everywhere you are confronted with dissonances and a hostility that on the one hand defines the originality of the New Orleans-based band, but on the other hand just as clearly defines the potential fan-group, posing an almost insurmountable wall for any outsider.

Songs like "Blood Money" and the very doomy "Jack Ass In The Will Of God" are the more accessible side of EYEHATEGOD, while the partly very dissonant "Inferior And Full Of Anxiety" and ".001%", introduced by three minutes of pure guitar-squeaking, show the malign face of the band.

In combination with the direct lyrics and the already traditionally placative cover, "Confederacy Of Ruined Lives" is the perfect soundtrack for a sick and hostile society... For fans surely a revelation, for me an album with a basic atmosphere that is completely against my taste...

Alexander Melzer

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