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D.R.I. - Dealing With It (6/10) - USA - 1985/2003

Genre: Hardcore
Label: Beer City
Playing time: 51:28
Band homepage: D.R.I.


  1. Snap
  2. I'd Rather Be Sleeping
  3. Marriage
  4. Yes Ma'am
  5. Soup Kitchen
  6. Mad Man
  7. Stupid, Stupid War
  8. Counter Attack
  9. Couch Slouch
  10. God Is Broke
  11. Karma
  12. Nursing Home Blues
  13. I Don't Need Society
  14. Give My Taxes Back
  15. The Explorer
  16. Reaganomics
  17. How To Act
  18. Shame
  19. Argument Then War
  20. Evil Minds
  21. Slit My Wrist
  22. Busted Again
  23. Equal People
  24. On My Way Home
  25. Bail Out
  26. Couch Slouch
  27. Running Around
  28. Snap
  29. Stupid, Stupid War
  30. Mad Man
  31. Sad To Be
  32. How To Act
  33. I'd Rather Be Sleeping
  34. I Don't Need Society
  35. Nursing Home Blues
  36. Reaganomics
  37. The Explorer
  38. tracks 38-43 CD enhanced San Francisco Cable TV video interview 1986
D.R.I. - Dealing With It
Beer City spared no expense and invested a lot of time in re-releasing this 1985 classic. Not only do you get the full length CD, but you also get 2 songs from the "Texas" Compilation, unknown demos, unused songs from "Violent Pacification" and some rough mixes of songs along with an enhanced CD of videos from a cable TV show here in the States in 86.

Beer City went to the full 9's when they released the first D.R.I. CD and did it again here. Still Hardcore, but a bit more refined and better structured. You get a lot of songs of pent up rage and anger from the Reagan years. Long before Hardcore became fashionable thanks to MTV, D.R.I. was the real deal and actually had something to say.

Good to see that there are some people out there who know what true Hardcore was and have the courage to re-release these oldie, but goodie discs. (Online August 10, 2003)

Joe Florez

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