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Leadfoot - We Drink For Free (7/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Rock
Label: Abstract USA
Playing time: 44:51
Band homepage: Leadfoot


  1. Champion Of Living
  2. Got A Lot To Learn
  3. We Drink For Free
  4. Long Time
  5. Saturday Night
  6. Next In Line
  7. Before It Was Over
  8. Chicks Love Metal
  9. Miss Sugar
  10. Playin' It Cool
  11. Valley Of The Dolls
  12. Someone Else Will
  13. Never Good Enough
Leadfoot - We Drink For Free
Now this is what I call Rock. This is Bar Rock at it's finest. Crack open a cold one and jam out to these rockin' ass tunes that carry bite. Loaded guitar riffs that are infectious as hell and they also carry some slamming drum beats to boot. The tracks go down smoothly like a nice cold bottle of beer.

This isn't dated Rock, 70's inspired, Doom Mock or Stoner. This is just plain Rock the ay it was meant to be played with no hints of going commercial anytime soon. Good old fashioned Rock is back and this is the band to help lead the way. (Online August 12, 2003)

Joe Florez

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