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M.O.D. - The Rebel You Love To Hate (5/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Alternative Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 39:47
Band homepage: M.O.D.


  1. Wigga
  2. The Rebel You Love To Hate
  3. Makin' Friends Is Fun
  4. De Men Of Stein
  5. Rage Against The Mac Machine
  6. Get Ready
  7. Ass-Ghanistan
  8. He's Dead Jim
  9. Get Ready (Almost Live Kinda)
  10. Rebel (808)
M.O.D. - The Rebel You Love To Hate
The man...the mouth...the legend returns with his latest offering. The man responsible for S.O.D. returns with another controversial album that will surely please everyone. Everybody knows that Billy Milano is one to never back down and speak his mind. Love him or want to kill him, but the man makes very valid points.

Take a listen to "Wigga". If you ask me, the man is blunt and to the point about white kiddies wanting to act black because they think it's cool or it's some sort of lifestyle. The song itself is odd with some electronic atmosphere and groovin' and kickin' rhythms. "The Rebel You Love To Hate" is more raw and definitely in your face than the opener. We know that no one is safe from Billy. Everyone is attacked here. RAMMSTEIN takes a jab here with "Da Men Of Stein" with it's Techno sound and message of how Techno bands seem to embrace the so called neo-fascist fashion statement. RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE even takes a major blow when "Rage Against The Mac Machine" exposes the band for being phony's because they don't say what they truly mean. It all comes down to cash!

"Get Ready" is an homage to KISS. Billy lets his feelings out with "Ass-Ghanistan" especially with all that has been happening since 9-11. While Billy may not be my thing anymore, I respect him for speaking his mind and not letting anyone stand in his way. Those Hardcore followers of the man may want to continue his journey by picking this up. The CD will make you think and laugh at the same time. (Online August 13, 2003)

Joe Florez

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