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Mirrorthrone - Of Wind And Weeping (4/10) - Switzerland - 2003

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Red Stream
Playing time: 52:46
Band homepage: Mirrorthrone


  1. Racines Dénudées
  2. Florilège Lunatique Occultement Révélateur Et Néantisation Caduque Engendrée
  3. The Four Names Of The Living Threatening Stone
  4. Aborted
  5. Beyond The Mirrorthrone
  6. The Notion Of Perfect
  7. Moi Mort
  8. Of Wind And Weeping
Mirrorthrone - Of Wind And Weeping
Vladimir is a young Swiss guy, who likes playing music when he feels like it. And it's quite obvious that his timetable is quite empty, because he has numerous bands in various styles. Let's then talk here about MIRROTHRONE, his symphonic Black Metal band, whose "Of Wind And Weeping" is the first album, album by the way produced, recorded, mixed and mastered in the own bedroom of that infamous Swiss.

So we'll forgive him the fact that the whole thing sounds way too clinical and lacks the ad hoc sound so that it music could have really hit you. But what about his music btw? Well, it's a bit like baroque in which some guitars would have been added, as well as some very plaintive French vocals, in a very gothic tune. And even if that can be considered as symphonic Black Metal, it's way way closer to some kind of second league FORBIDDEN SITE than to DIMMU BORGIR. Without the interest and the sound, and with a potential boredom… (Online August 17, 2003)

Thomas Bonnicel

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