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Various Artists - From Hell (10/10) - V/A - 2003

Genre: Various
Label: Dark Reign
Playing time: 70:17/71:06/69:44/66:25
Band homepage: -


CD 1
  1. Mayhem - To Daimonion (Part 1)
  2. And Oceans - Esprit De Corps
  3. Epoch Of Unlight - The Last To Fall
  4. Abhorrence - Evoking The Abomination
  5. Impaled - Flesh And Blood
  6. Rotting Christ - Fateless
  7. Dawn - The Aphelion Deserts
  8. Bloodbath - Furnace Funeral
  9. Soilent Green - Later Days
  10. Malefaction - When Violence Comes Home
  11. Origin - Disease Called Man
  12. Triumphator - Goathorned
  13. In Aeturnum - Demon Possession
  14. Of The Fallen - Sign The Spell
  15. Aurora Borealis - Thrice Told
  16. Edicius - By Cold Anger
  17. Antaeus - Those With No Eyes
  18. Deathwitch - Monster Perversion
CD 2
  1. Pig Destroyer - Piss Angel
  2. Deranged - Endophagy
  3. Circleofdeadchildren - Only One Per Coffin
  4. Cephalic Carnage - Cryptospordium
  5. Disgorge - Jaundice Of Hookworm
  6. Aborted - Nailed Through Her Cunt
  7. Hatred - Come Of The Tide
  8. Shadowbreed - Only Shadows Remains
  9. God Forbid - Network
  10. All Out War - Resist
  11. Total Fucking Destruction - Fuckwound
  12. Defiled - Nihilism
  13. Skinless - The Optimist
  14. Abscess - Halo Of Disease
  15. Throne Of Hate - The Fourth Nail
  16. Carnal Forge - Head Fucker
  17. Integrity - Bloodlust
  18. Total Devastation - Let It Bleed
  19. Salacious Gods - At The Sound Of The Midwinter Horn
  20. Horde Of Worms - Dead
  21. The Cumshots - Black Lung
  22. Insense - Arsonist
CD 3
  1. Aphotic - Under Veil Of Endless Grey
  2. Maze Of Torment - The Sadist
  3. Reprobation - Salvation (Forever Underground)
  4. The End - Entirely Of Infancy
  5. Groinchurn - Fickle World
  6. Beheaded - Recounts Of Disembodiment
  7. Beneath - Indifference
  8. Blinded By Faith - A Slumber In Cobwebs
  9. Despirited - Rooms Of Majesty
  10. Bloodthrone - Marching Towards
  11. Evil Incarnate - Sodomizing Ritual
  12. Daemusinem - Killer Of The World
  13. Minus - Chimera
  14. Venificum - Realeasement Black Aura
  15. Monsterspank - Red Lights
  16. To Elysium - Untitled
  17. Leukorrhea - Vaginal Hemophilia
  18. The Wounded - Billet Doux
  19. Runemagick - Malediction Of Mankind
CD 4
  1. Blood Of Christ - Beyond The River Of Contemplation
  2. The Foresaken - Seers Hatred
  3. Noisecore Freak - Media Suicide
  4. Invasion - Sniperkrieg
  5. Fury - Stigmatized
  6. All Is Suffering - Massive Violence
  7. Tartaros - Storm Of Terror
  8. The Embraced - Thymus
  9. Fleshtized - The Divine
  10. Scholomance - The Next Step
  11. Mahavatar - The E Song
  12. Scorched Earth Policy - Reclusion
  13. Paganizer - Promoting Total Death
  14. Blood For Blood - Can't Heal
  15. Dataclast - The Sign
  16. Putrilage - Gorenography
  17. Soulscar - Anti Faith
  18. Zyon - Bombs And Broadway
Various Artists - From Hell
I'm getting bloody fed up of compilation CDs. They're always full of the big bands newest releases who we're all more than familiar with and essentially serve no purpose other than to initiate the unaware. Getting them for free at a show or with a magazine is fine, because, well, it's free, but asking me to pay for it is out of the question. I know what's on it, I know what I like, I'll just go out and buy the album instead.

Dark Reign Records took my complaint to heart, and decide to make the best damn compilation that they could. The result? A massive four disc set spanning well over four and a half hours of Extreme Metal. The big surprise with this one is that despite some bigger name acts found across the four discs, like MAYHEM, GOD FORBID, DERANGED and ORIGIN, the compilation seems more concerned with bringing some lesser known bands, such as TRIUMPHATOR, THE END, and SCHOLOMANCE, as well as some completely obscure acts such as ZYON, MAHAVATAR, ALL OUT WAR and OF THE FALLEN to the forefront.

The material on this disc ranges from excellent to average to poor, but the rating remains a solid 10 for just that reason. This collection isn't meant to be regarded as a collection of the best Extreme Metal songs of all time (unless it is, in which case I'd have to completely have to rework this review), but instead as a tool for discovering new bands, and maybe even informing you about some other bigger name bands you've always forgot to check out.

The other huge pitfall that was avoided was concerning the genre selection. Instead of making a massive collection focusing on one or two Extreme Metal sub genres, Dark Reign decided to tackle on as many as they could, and did an excellent job at giving each of the main three (Death Metal, Black Metal and Grindcore) proper representation, spanning through the more popular acts to the more obscure ones. Of course, different choices could have been made, somewhere someone had to put their foot down and make a decision, and when it boils down to it, the selection is really quite impressive.

It's great to finally see a compilation that serves a purpose. From a newbie to those well versed in Extreme Metal, there is something here for everyone. (Online August 18, 2003)

Mark McKenna

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