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Deeds Of Flesh - Reduced To Ashes (10/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Unique Leader Records
Playing time: 46:37
Band homepage: Deeds Of Flesh


  1. Reduced To Ashes
  2. Infested Beneath The Earth
  3. Avowed Depraved
  4. Empyrean
  5. Human Trophies
  6. Banished
  7. Disinterred Archaic Heap
  8. The Endurance
Deeds Of Flesh - Reduced To Ashes
Old school, new school, no school, DEEDS OF FLESH. Ever their grandiose demo "Gradually Melted" American Deathsters DEEDS OF FLESH knew how to impress. After signing with Spanish cult label Repulse Records they followed it up with the wonderful sonic massacre "Trading Pieces" in 1996 and two years later the masterpiece "Inbreeding Anthropophagi", which again made clear that DEEDS OF FLESH was in the top flight of Death Metal to stay. After these two albums I was fallen for them and the trio from Los Osos belonged to my absolute highlights in the Death Metal sector.

After the switch to Unique Leader Records the deadly journey continued right away and "Path Of The Weakening" (1999 and shortly grown to a quartet) and "Mark Of The Legion" (2001) further cemented the hight rank of this band. Now, two years after their last sign of life "Reduced To Ashes" announces the new slaughter fest and the usual professionalism is all encompassing this time around as well. If it would not sound exaggerated, I would even call the new epos the so far best, most mature and most brutal. Sure, I am a bit preoccupied and can hardly give you a really objective opinion on this band, but all processed extremes so far have been furthered and combined to a truly hostile and skull splitting mixture.

Blastbeats galore, razor sharp riffs and the ability to include goose bump inducing melody lines has remained and also the abyssic vocals let your ears almost explode in glee. Eight hammers that will have to be welcomed with open arms by the Death Metal community and that show DEEDS OF FLESH from their best side. Best example for the technical qualities of this band is the almost twelve minute Death Metal hymn "The Endurance". In this band the heritage of cult bands such as SUFFOCATION is dignifiedly conserved and furthered, but without losing their originality in any way.

DEEDS OF FLESH are unique and with its superbly produced tracks "Reduced To Ashes" kills any point of criticism right in the beginning stadium. Nice that this band still exists and will continue to do so for a few more years. US-Death Metal how it could not be better or more brutal. Therefore the perfect rating. (Online September 3, 2003)

Alexander Ehringer

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