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Maudlin Of The Well - Bath (4/10) - USA - 2001

Genre: Avantgarde Metal
Label: Dark Symphonies
Playing time: 61:02
Band homepage: Maudlin Of The Well


  1. The Blue Ghost / Shedding Qliphoth
  2. They Aren't All Beautiful
  3. Heaven And Weak
  4. ???
  5. The Ferryman
  6. Marid's Gift Of Art
  7. Girl With A Watering Can
  8. Birth Pains Of Astral Proejction
  9. ???
  10. Geography
Maudlin Of The Well - Bath
So this is it, the yellow counterpart to the red "Leaving Your Body Map" of MAUDLIN OF THE WELL, which Wes already had reviewed. And I don't know, but I am sitting in front of my player (with the same effect as with the other one) and just feel my head spinning for this CD just won't let me in.

First of all the question, what the hell is it what I hear here? The try to answer this question alone could result in a heated discussion, but I really am not sure how I should put this music into words. In one moment the ear is caressed by velvety sounds that you almost get carried away, then with the next track they seem to try to destroy your speakers by sound alone, break-ridden Death Metal and harsh vocals, just to go further into even more inaccessible regions, soft, clean guitars followed my manic screaming and passages you could either call progressive or aimlessly pieced together and jazzy elements...

And this is the blueprint of the whole CD. Once you feel enchanted you get a brutal hit into your neck and when you think that you've been torn apart completely softly caressing wings are catching your fall. I really could not detect any influences, too many different styles are mixed together, the listener is sent into an acoustic roller-coaster-ride, which makes it impossible to find a real red line inside the compositions.

One thing you most definitely cannot accuse MAUDLIN OF THE WELL of is to be mainstream or following any given trend. But I am nut sure, if that should be viewed as decoration or deterrence...

The ridge between innovation and originality on the one and total weirdness on the other side is damn narrow, which leaves me only two possibilities: Either I again do not realise and understand a higher form of art or MAUDLIN OF THE WELL have dived head-first onto the wrong side of this ridge...

Alexander Melzer

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