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Number One Son - Lessons (8/10) - Great Britain - 2003

Genre: Indie Metal / Rock Metal
Label: Visible Noise
Playing time: 43:29
Band homepage: -


  1. Hit The Ground Running
  2. Days Spent
  3. Renewal
  4. The Eyes Have It
  5. All Fall Down
  6. Picture Perfect
  7. Residue
  8. Pulling Strings
  9. Clear Light Of Day
  10. Lessons
  11. Formation
  12. These Spaces In-Between
Number One Son - Lessons
Bursting out of the speakers with riffs that would delight many a battle hardened Metal fan the UK's NUMBER ONE SON are the next best hope for saving the mundane crass that has passed for Heavy Rock music in the UK for way too many years know.

Drawing quite effectively on the current crop of heavy bands doing the rounds at the moment like A, LOST PROPHETS - those bands that have more than a passing likeness and respect to old school Metal and Hard Rock acts from the 1980's - NUMBER ONE SON churn out high adrenaline, bombastic, pulsating guitar riffs that excite and crush at the same time. And not forgetting that radio/TV play is an effective means of capturing new fans NUMBER ONE SON have the amazing ability to wrap up nearly all their songs with a layer of Pop elegance that will confound the Rock crew but perfectly suits the music on offer.

The production should also get a notable mention, as it is crisp and clear with the quite outstanding vocals of Nic Whitmore given free reign to pour sheer quality over this release. Not to be out done the guitar/bass assault of Wadeson/Lister and Ward really takes the bull by the horns and more than ably supported by Tiger on the drums tracks such as "The Eyes Have It", "Hit The Ground Running", "Picture Perfect" and "Lessons" create a maelstrom of heavy guitar attack inter weaved with pop commerciality that is juxtaposed against the Progressive brilliance of "Renewal" that covets the likes of an up tempo TOOL and LIVE. The vocal harmonies particularly stand out against the laconic guitar strumming and tight back line accompaniment.

All in all this is a top class release from a band that knows just how to write and perform good songs. You can't ask for much more than that. (Online August 23, 2003)

Chris Doran

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