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Suidakra - Signs For The Fallen (9,5/10) - Germany - 2003

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 42:38
Band homepage: Suidakra


  1. Revenant
  2. Crown The Lost
  3. Threnody
  4. Trails Of Gore
  5. The Ember Deid
  6. When Eternity Echoes
  7. Signs For The Fallen
  8. Dimorphic
  9. Bound In Changes
  10. A Vision's Demise
Suidakra - Signs For The Fallen
Holy shit, somebody's got some mighty fire in the arse. I would even say that the arses are blazing. I didn't remember SUIDAKRA that gripping. Opener "Revenant" shoots out like a rocket and lets my jaw drop a few inches. And "Crown The Lost" follows suit with divine breaks. And what should I say, the level stays that high.

Unbelievable, but SUIDAKRA have found their absolute top form here. And that even though Arkadius is the only survivor from the original line up. Don't get me wrong, the previous album "Emprise To Avalon" already had been very good, but "Signs For The Fallen" is more hefty and still more melodic! Each song is like a fist in the face of your imaginary enemy! The sound is more grooving, the six strings are beautiful, the drumming not of this planet! Of course we also still get the obligatory Celtic influences, which always had been one of the trademarks of SUIDAKRA, as well as some short, mostly acoustic intermezzos.

The vocals, or should I say the chants, are more elaborate than ever! An epic feeling is omnipresent and it's damn good to bang to! SUIDAKRA never have written a better song than the title track. It starts out rather unhurriedly and then rises more and more, but stays in mid-paced regions, where you can disport merciless double bass, including killer riffing! But it gets even better: "Bound In Changes" is the longest song of the band history so far. And most probably the most varied! Hammer! Only the closing "A Vision's Demise" is only "good" and cannot fully compete with the other killers. That's the missing piece to the full rating! Still a brilliant album that you have to know! (Online August 24, 2003)

Ralf Henn

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