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Gorerotted/Gronibard/Gruesome Stuff Relish - Split Your Guts (7,5/10) - Great Britain/France/Spain - 2003

Genre: Goregrind
Label: Deepsend Records
Playing time: 31:56
Band homepage: Gorerotted
Band homepage: Gronibard
Band homepage: Gruesome Stuff Relish


  1. Fuck Your Arse With Broken Glass
  2. Limb By Limb
  3. Carrion Smelling

    Gruesome Stuff Relish
  4. Faces Of Death
  5. Wild Party (Cannibal Freakout II)
  6. Nightmare City
  7. The Cave Of The Cannibal
  8. The Three Mothers

  9. Le Jeudi C'est Sodomie!
  10. Mets Un Suppôt Quand J'éjacule Ca Fera Le Space Mountain
  11. J't'encule Le Cule
  12. Quand Je Sodo Mimi Mathy Sa Fait Un Méchoui
  13. Oh Les Champions!
  14. Stages
  15. Viens Là Suce Ma Bite
Gorerotted - Split Your Guts
Starting this three way split with a bang is GOREROTTED who offer up (unfortunately, only) three songs of their blood soaked Goregrind. If you have their debut "Mutilated In Minutes" then you know full well what to expect (and you also know why it's unfortunate they only added three songs to this split). If not, their songs are full of catchy hooks and they utilize dual vocals (one low, one high) which meld together to create some great Grind songs. The first three songs are easily the highlight of this split.

GRUESOME STUFF RELISH get the award for stupidest band name of the year, but make up for it by playing some half decent Grind. Actually their material is quite good, with some sick vocals topping it off. I have to admit that I just passed them off when I saw their name, but their five songs grow on me with every listen. Their use of dynamics, as well as their ability to slow a song down is quite refreshing to hear.

I hate comedy oriented bands. I have nothing against comedic lyrics, but when they try to make the music silly as well, it just becomes stupid. It always reminds me of GNØB's part of the PIG DESTROYER/GNØB split which was beyond terrible (which was a shame, because the PIG DESTROYER part left everything in ruins). Back to this review, GRONIBARD is more or less the same thing, except less Grind, and worse. The terribly goofy vocals on "Le Jeudi C'est Sodomie!" ruin any and all chances for redemption that the song could have had. The rest of the material follows suit, and is plain terrible.

Two out of three isn't bad (although the one bad one is really bad) so I'd still recommend this split, if only for the first three tracks. Just be sure to give GRUESOME STUFF RELISH a chance as well, you'll be pleasantly surprised. (Online August 25, 2003)

Mark McKenna

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