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Engorged/Fuck…I'm Dead - Split (9,5/10) - USA/Australia - 2003

Genre: Grindcore / Death Metal
Label: No Escape
Playing time: 26:10
Band homepage: Engorged
Band homepage: Fuck…I'm Dead vs. Engorged


    Fuck...I'm Dead
  1. Horrendous Bowel Evacuation
  2. Anal Abbatoir
  3. Enemosity
  4. Ruthless Aggression
  5. Flesh Feast
  6. Gore Ridden
  7. Coliteral Damage
  8. Force Fed Brutality

  9. Alien Contamination
  10. Vomiting Butchers Redux
  11. Death Metal Attack 2000
  12. The Final Giallo mp3
  13. Surgery Drugs and Rock N Roll
Engorged - Split
At this point, anything FUCK…I'M DEAD lends their name to, I will buy. This band is simply too much. A blistering, savage Grind attack that's as relentless as it is heavy. Although their releases are small in number, the sheer quality of everything they've done so far more than makes up it. On this split with America's ENGORGED, nothing has changed. While some people tend to see stagnancy as a disadvantage, it suits FUCK…I'M DEAD perfectly, and frankly, you're not listening to them for any other reason than to hear exactly the type of music they put out. Every single track, from the mid-paced opener to the grinding finale is beyond reproach.

I was jut barely familiar with ENGORGED prior to this split (mostly because of a 7" they did with IMPALED) and figured that it was mostly to their disadvantage to be the second band on this split. Had they been first, they would have no expectations to meet, but being second, they need to live up to FUCK...I'M DEAD. Well, while they weren't necessarily as good, I still can't take anything away from them. Serving as the Death Metal opposite to FUCK…I'M DEAD's Micro Grind, most of the songs are several minutes in length, and ENGORGED don't shy away from breaking the rules by incorporating some very effective atmosphere, which is most noticeable at the beginning, and at the end of "Alien Contamination". Aside from that ENGORGED offer up some great, dirty Brutal Death Metal songs. ENGORGED found a great way to round off the other half of this split.

If you're a Death/Goregrind fanatic, then you absolutely can't be without this. (Online August 26, 2003)

Mark McKenna

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