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29 tablatures for Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath - Sabotage (10/10) - Great Britain - 1975

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Metal Is Records
Playing time: 43:44
Band homepage: Black Sabbath


  1. Hole In The Sky
  2. Don't Start (Too Late)
  3. Symptom Of The Universe
  4. Megalomania
  5. Thrill Of It All
  6. Supertzar
  7. Am I Going Insane
  8. The Writ
Black Sabbath - Sabotage
All things must change and with the release of "Sabotage", SABBATH's sixth studio offering the writing was on the wall for the greatest Metal-band in history. This album marked the end of the classic line-up (but not for the last time!) and as tensions grew in the band most notably between Ozzy and Iommi the discord and animosity brought the group together for one final charge resulting in another SABBATH-masterpiece.

"Hole In The Sky" just bursts through the speakers, its heavy riff dispelling any fears that SABBATH had given up the Metal-ghost that many fans had thought lost on "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath". The monster riff to the classic "Symptom Of The Universe" is amongst Iommi's heaviest, Ozzy vocals strain to great effect over the pounding drums of Ward and Butler's bass. There is finality about this piece that is all the more evident given that as a group SABBATH would never record a better album again.

Why bother reviewing the rest of the album when it is obvious that this along with the previous five are necessities in your CD-collection, SABBATH have had more returns than Lazarus, but to this day their first six albums are devastating pieces of Heavy Metal-music and although Ronnie James Dio did nothing to shame the SABBATH name it is to the Ozzy-era that most fans return.

Will we ever see their like again?

Chris Doran

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