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Thor - Only The Strong (7,5/10) - Canada - 1985/2003

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Unisound
Playing time: 47:37
Band homepage: Thor


  1. 2045
  2. Only The Strong
  3. Start Raising Hell
  4. Knock 'Em Down
  5. Let The Blood Run Red
  6. When Gods Collide
  7. Rock The City
  8. Now Comes The Storm
  9. Thunder On The Tundra
  10. Hot Flames
  11. Ride Of The Chariots
  12. Invader
  13. Unchained
Thor - Only The Strong
Thor is the Nordic god of thunder. Yes, that guy with the little hammer. Short, but with murderous effect. The American incarnation of the old thunderer released several albums in the 80s (and still is active nowadays), whose 85 release I now have as a re-release. If this THOR also has a little hammer I don't know, but is not important anyway…

Musically we get simple, solid compositions. Very straight song structures mingle with simple melodies that you already can whistle along after the first listen. And still the album has that certain something. Fans of newer Melodic Metal bands will most probably start vomiting and talk about "drab, old fashioned and lame", but hey folks, this is the roots! And only few complain about bands like AC/DC.

Ok, THOR cannot compete with the Australians, but their songs still are anything but bad. Laying somewhere between old SAXON and even older JUDAS PRIEST or comparable to the first moments of bands like RATT or MALICE songs like the headbanger "Thunder On The Tundra" or the faster "Ride Of The Chariots" are a welcome journey into the good old times, when Metal still was Metal, the girls were willing and beer was flowing in streams. Who would like to check this out first should try out the "Let The Blood Run Red" cover version of BEWITCHED (to be found on "At The Gates Of Hell"). (Online August 12, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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