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Name: Cindy Gilkey
Email address:
Functions: Edit (Wes') reviews, interviews, live reviews, mod. of message board, pics for the TMO picture and opening page.
Compatible styles: Melodic Death, Symphonic Black, some Power Metal, Progressive
Incompatible styles: Thrash, Death and Black Metal without melody, Grindcore
Nicknames: cinflames
Time at TMO: Since October, 2000
How came at TMO: All those posts by Wes at the In Flames board to read his reviews!
The best thing as a TMO writer: Actually speaking to band members from around the globe (interviews)
The worst thing as a TMO writer: I'm not really a writer and writing live reviews is hard for me
Reviews 0
Underground 0
Interviews 12
Live reviews 4
Articles 1
Specials 0
How I came into Heavy Metal: I started listening to QUEEN in 1974 and listened to them exclusively until Freddie died in 1991. In 1992, I discovered DREAM THEATER, then in 1998 was introduced to bands with more extreme vocals. In 1999 first heard IN FLAMES and CHILDREN OF BODOM and needed to find more bands like that. Thanks to message boards and tMO, I have.

Birthday: November 5, 19*8
Birth town: San Diego, California, USA
Present location: Laguna Hills, California (60 miles south of Los Angeles), USA
Job: Sell fabric and crafts at JoAnn's
Languages: English
Hobbies: Sewing (quilts, wearable art), going to Metal shows
Pet peeves: People that hear me but ignore what I say
Phobia(s): Memory loss
I, about myself: Am also a quilter
Funny childhood story: When I was 5, I decided not to take the bus home from school but to walk home instead. (I actually ran most of the way.) When I got home, I told my mom "I beat the bus!" She got mad at me and told me to never do that again. But I thought it was cool

Band & previous band experiences: Not in a band, but I play guitar and sing at church
Instrumental talents: Played clarinet in marching band in high school and college
Favourite bands: In Flames, Children Of Bodom, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Dragonlord, Type O Negative, Prototype, plus many more
Least favourite bands: AC/DC
Sound you'd like to have banned: Hip Hop
Most overrated bands: Dream Theater
Most underrated bands: Dragonlord
Favourite musician: John Petrucci
Favourite album cover: Dragonlord "Rapture"
10 favourite albums:

Queen - Queen II
Been a QUEEN-fan since 1974. This one is the best among the best.

Dream Theater - Images and Words
Still think they haven't topped this one yet.

Children Of Bodom - Hatebreeder
My first album with more extreme vocals.

In Flames - Whoracle
"Episode 666" really get me going.

Ensiferum - s/t
Recommended by Alex so how could I go wrong.

Symphony X - V
They do DREAM THEATER better than DT.

Dragonlord - Rapture
Seen them live. One of the best shows yet!

Dimmu Borgir - Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia
"Shagrath!!" Yeah, baby!

Dark Tranquillity - Haven
When will they tour NA? I want to see them live.

Eventide - Caress The Abstract
In the same vein as IN FLAMES but more melodic.

Most embarrassing CD in your collection: Kiss "Carnival of Souls"
Favourite films: Lord Of The Rings, This Is Spinal Tap, The Princess Bride, Clue
Favourite books: Pride and Prejudice
Favourite food: Anything from Taco Bell
Favourite drink: Root Beer
Favourite smokes: Don't smoke
Which song should be played at your funeral: Hmmm....
Idol(s): Brian May
Person you'd like to meet: Brian May
Catchphrase: Oh, well…
Biggest thrill in life (so far): Birth of children
Goal in life: To have a quilt accepted into "Visions"
Secret: If I told, it would no longer be a secret
5 favourite links: I'm a message board junkie. Here's where I spend most of my time:

      Cindy Gilkey

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