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Wall Of Sleep - Overlook The All (6,5/10) - Hungary - 2003

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: PsycheDOOMelic Records
Playing time: 21:43
Band homepage: Wall Of Sleep


  1. Overlook The All
  2. Live Lies Low
  3. Hands Of Dust >mp3
  4. The Wizard
Wall Of Sleep - Overlook The All
Twice Doom Metal from the same stable I have here in front of me. Let's start with Czech (Hungarian - Alex) WALL OF SLEEP. With "Overlook The All" the guys push an EP over the counter veeeery sloooowly. 3 own songs and the BLACK SABBATH cover version "The Wizard" reach the ears.

But thankfully the band does not operate as lame as I might have feared. Sure, they won't break any speed records (would be no Doom otherwise, eh?). The three own compositions should conjure a bit smile into the face of fans of the English godfathers and friends of TROUBLE's "Psalm 9", as the band is no stranger to good ideas. The sound also is good, so what?

Little note to the label: Nobody has died on a short info sheet, hm? Internet address would not be wrong either. (Online August 15, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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