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Wild Dogs - Reign Of Terror (10/10) - USA - 1987/2000

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Enigma/Bootleg
Playing time: 73:25
Band homepage: -


  1. Metal Fuel
  2. Man Against Machine
  3. Call Of The Dark
  4. Siberian Vacation
  5. Psychoradio
  6. Streets Of Berlin
  7. Spellschock
  8. Reign Of Terror
  9. We Rule The Night
  10. Madhouse
  11. Livin' On The Bad Side
  12. Metal Free America
  13. Man On Fire
  14. Thanx For The Ride
  15. Dead To The World
  16. Screaming The Night Away
Wild Dogs - Reign Of Terror
Hello friends of the American Power Metal, flatten your ears and wag your tails, this one's for you! It's been 1987 when the third album of WILD DOGS, "Reign Of Terror" hit the scene like a bomb. Great to euphoric reviews had been the result, but it did not really bring the band too much. The music still is a prime example for heftiest, most uncompromising and still extremely catchy Heavy Metal.

Wild like a hungry wolf, irate like a bull on 180 and with the precision of a sniper rifle the band shoots one classic after the other at you. Just imagine you get the first W.A.S.P. album, WARRIOR's "Fighting For The Earth", LIZZY BORDEN's "Love You To Pieces" and JUDAS PRIEST's "Painkiller" with the force of a steamhammer into your ears and you know what "Reign Of Terror" sounds like (and you'll have a "Headache For Tomorrow" as well).

Well, the material definitely is not complex, but still worlds apart from the mainstream sound. Songs like the ultra fast "Spellschock" that will drive in your neck muscles right away, the slower, but still hefty "Streets Of Berlin" with its highly addictive guitar harmonies, the…you'll just have it as Metalhead!

Additionally to the 9 original songs we also get 7 bonus songs, which automatically let you unroll your prayer carpet!!! Only the cover artwork has been completely fucked up on the computer. The red hues destroy the whole thing. At least the sound is great. (Online August 20, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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