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Wild Dogs - Reign Of Terror (10/10) - USA - 1987/2000

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Enigma/Bootleg
Playing time: 73:25
Band homepage: -


  1. Metal Fuel
  2. Man Against Machine
  3. Call Of The Dark
  4. Siberian Vacation
  5. Psychoradio
  6. Streets Of Berlin
  7. Spellschock
  8. Reign Of Terror
  9. We Rule The Night
  10. Madhouse
  11. Livin' On The Bad Side
  12. Metal Free America
  13. Man On Fire
  14. Thanx For The Ride
  15. Dead To The World
  16. Screaming The Night Away
Wild Dogs - Reign Of Terror
WILD DOGS released their first 5 track demo already in 1981, of which "The Tonight Show" made it to the "US-Metal II" sampler. 1983 the Americans' self titled debut came out via Shrapnel Records, with all demo songs. Another song, "Never Gonna Stop" then found its way onto "US-Metal III". The press was convinced of the potential of the WILD DOGS and in the same year followed another demo, which turned out to be frighteningly soft.

Indeed the following album "Man's Best Friend" had not been the expected killer. Quite shallow and commercial and lacking the unbridled energy of the debut. Even though it was not a bad album and is much sought after nowadays. 1987 finally saw the release of "Reign Of Terror" and damn, was it ever a killer! A new singer, namely Michael Furlong, was on board, with a true grating voice (Bryan Adams on Metal?) and he fit the driving power hymns as the famed arse on the bucket…

Musically we get a Power thunderstorm without end. US-Metal at it's best so to say. Rough, but always melodic the Americans belt out immortal songs such as "Metal Fuel", "Streets Of Berlin" or "Spellshock", without mercy for the neck vertebrae of the listener. The album only contains divine songs, no matter which track you pick - each and every one of them epitomes of the heavy school! Who does not get blown away by this fairy tale album doesn't have understood the feeling of Heavy Metal! Who thinks that STRATOVARIUS play Metal, will disregard this review anyway. Your bad!

You also don't get this album in any store, but you'll have to watch out at mailorders. As far as I know, this one has never been released officially on CD. I only have a bootleg, but with a lot of bonus material and a very good sound. Hellion Records has it. And it is worth every damn cent - it is almost sacrosanct!!!! (Online December 29, 2003)

Ralf Henn

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