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36 tablatures for Theatre Of Tragedy

Theatre Of Tragedy - Musique (3,5/10) - Norway - 2000

Genre: Electro Metal
Label: EastWest
Playing time: 48:32
Band homepage: Theatre Of Tragedy


  1. Machine
  2. City Of Light
  3. Musique
  4. Commute
  5. Fragment
  6. Radio
  7. Image
  8. Crash Concrete
  9. Retrospect
  10. Reverie
  11. Kocmnyecha 3pa
  12. The New Man
Theatre Of Tragedy - Musique
With their self-titled debut they had been one of the first, if not THE first band that presented Gothic Metal in the form we know it today, elegic, with alternating growling and soprano vocals. Even though people ridiculed them for it, they still had success, and quite a lot of it, building on this foundation with "Velvet Darkness They Fear", both albums still rank high in my personal favourite list. But what has this to do with "Musique"?

Well, it still bears the same name, but musically they've changed quite dramatically compared to the quite calm "Aégis", yet not to the positive. Suddenly there are very dominant electronic passages, and that alone is enough already to send shivers down my spine, but not the appealing ones, like when you think about somebody special, getting carried away with the memories of a look, a face, losing all connection to reality and then... STOP! I'm here for work... No, no, these shivers are more of the run out of the room to bring as much space between you and the location of the acoustic assault-kind-of-thing.

The atmosphere that TOT had been standing for in the past is getting corrupted most cruelly, getting strangulated in an electronic way that it turns blue. There already have been some bands that managed to get rid off me as a fan this way, THEATRE OF TRAGEDY now are the next ones on this list.

So who knows and loves the early TOT, should stay in the same file, just go a little bit farther until you reach TRISTANIA and take that one. There everything is fine still...

Alexander Melzer

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