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Incapacity - Chaos Complete (7/10) - Sweden - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Cold Records
Playing time: 40:50
Band homepage: Incapacity


  1. Reptilian Breed
  2. 3rd Degree Suffering
  3. Amputate God
  4. Demon King
  5. Paradise Crushed
  6. Fervent Hate
  7. Cancerchrist
  8. Deathrush
  9. Injection Divine
  10. Faceshifters
Incapacity - Chaos Complete
Good Sweden Death comes from INCAPACITY. Only founded in 2002, the band consists of musicians, who ar enot unknown to the elk Death scene. There we have on bass Anders Edlund (SOLAR DAWN), Andreas "Drette" Axellsson (EDGE OF SANITY) on vocals, guitarist Christian Älvestam (UNMOORED) and riff master Robert "Skoog" Ivarsson (ASHES, PAN-THY-MONIUM) and last but not least Henrik Schönström on the drums (SOLAR DAWN, UNMOORED).

These guys form a brutal Death Metal thunderstorm that you have to have beheld. Who likes bands like CENTINEX or EDGE OF SANITY should also reach out for INCAPACITY. The Swedes have the ability to fire off good, precise and also melodic missiles. Just no prizes for originality. Technically the CD is impeccable and we have the same level over the whole playing time. Unfortunately there are only two really outstanding tracks with the swift killers "Paradise Crushed" und "Fervent Hate".

The next time a bit more of this class and just continue to blast like that! Apart from that I can attest INCAPACITY a good debut with a tendency to get better! (Online August 29, 2003)

Ralf Henn

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