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Blind Dog - Captain Dog Rides Again (8,5/10) - Sweden - 2003

Genre: Stoner Rock
Label: Listenable Records
Playing time: 50:00
Band homepage: Blind Dog


  1. Don't Ask Me Where I Stand
  2. Iron Cage
  3. Let It Go
  4. Would I Make You Believe
  5. Follow The Fools
  6. Back Off
  7. Fading Memories
  8. Unsellable
  9. There Must Be Better Ways Of Losing Your Mind
  10. Be The Same
Blind Dog - Captain Dog Rides Again
The "blind dog" returns after almost four years and again rocks the house that the beams crack and the speakers start to glow. Since 1995 Tobias Nilsson (vocals/bass) and Joakim Thell (guitars) roam through the underground and in 1999 the Swedes, together with Thomas Elenvik (Drums/Hammond Organ), drew attention to them for the first time with their debut "The Last Adventures Of Captain Dog" and received mostly positive feedback for their through and through solid Rock album. Their partly bluesy Rock reminded of old veterans like JETHRO TULL, KISS, LED ZEPPELIN and TED NUGENT as well as newer genre representatives as KYUSS, CATHEDRAL or the SPIRITUAL BEGGARS. But that was not enough, Heavy Metal riffs in the style of old METALLICA also time and again found their way into the songs of the Scandinavians.

After the label change from People Like You to French Listenable Records BLIND DOG blow the attack again with their second effort "Captain Dog Rides Again" and seem to be wildly determined to get the promotion to the top flight. Musically that should have been possible with the debut already, but the tracks of the new output would really deserve it even more because of their compactness and variety. The walk on the razor's edge between Seventies Rock, Stoner Rock of the 90s and a few Metal elements is great and at the same time very entertaining. The songs of "Captain Dog Rides Again" have been recorded in Berno Studios (THE HAUNTED, DERANGED), so also in terms of production there is no room for complaints.

So "Iron Cage", "Would I Make You Believe" and "Unsellable" flow from the speakers very powerfully, while "Follow The Fools" and "Back Off" especially convince through their calm, almost hypnotizing parts. No matter how BLIND DOG approach the songs, they almost always manage to leave a lasting impression. Despite their progression, the three Northmen have stayed true to themselves and should satisfy fans of their first album without any problems and with good promotion also find enough new listeners. In this condition "Captain Dog" may saddle his horse many times still and preach the world of Rock'N'Roll. (Online August 29, 2003)

Alexander Ehringer

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