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H.I.M. - Razorblade Romance (8/10) - Finland - 2000

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Terrier
Playing time: 42:44
Band homepage: H.I.M.


  1. I Love You (Prelude To Tragedy)
  2. Poison Girl
  3. Join Me In Death
  4. Right Here In My Arms
  5. Gone With The Sin
  6. Razorblade Kiss
  7. Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart
  8. Heaven Tonight
  9. Death Is In Love With Us
  10. Resurrection
  11. One Last Time
H.I.M. - Razorblade Romance

On the second album of Finland's heart-breakers H.I.M. everything revolves, just like on the last one, around love. Only the cover, that shows the God in black Ville Valo again almost nude in erotic pose, makes some hearts beat faster. But let alone that the album has got some musical surprises to show.

From heavy guitars to languishing ballads H.I.M. keep the style of their first album and lead it to new shores. The lyrics are more extensive, the arrangements more sophisticated, but nothing of the well-known melancholy and gloominess of the songs with their beautiful melodies is missing. Every single track is hitting you, first into the face, then right into your heart. On songs like "Gone With The Sin" and "Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart" Ville Valo with his warm, caressing voice really makes the listener believe that every single word is just sung for you - and you alone. Nobody can resist this temptation. Even for guys this album is worth listening to, because "Right Here In My Arms", "Razorblade Kiss", "Death Is In Love With Us" and "Resurrection" have got a strong sing-along-factor and invite you to bang your head with their heavy riffing, fast drumming and roaring bass.

The lovely and impressive "Join Me In Death" was a Nr. 1-hit in Germany and almost all over Europe and "Razorblade Romance" received platinum. One more reason to give this album a chance. You will adore it! (Online August 31, 2003)

Guest reviewer Babett Jahn

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