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Tuatha De Danann - s/t (7/10) - Brazil - 1999

Genre: Folk / Power Metal
Label: Heavy Metal Rock
Playing time: 42:39
Band homepage: Tuatha De Danann


  1. Us
  2. Tuatha De Danann
  3. Beltane
  4. The Bards Of The Infinity
  5. Queen Of The Witches
  6. Faeryage
  7. Oisin
  8. Inrahma
Tuatha De Danann - s/t

Brazilian TUATHA DE DANANN definitely are among the most original bands of traditional Heavy Metal, mixing Power Metal with a quite big portion of Folk and with that also a lot of power and verve, as showcased on the two albums "Tingaralatingadun" and also "And The Delirium Has Just Begun...". Here I now have the four year old, self-titled debut, so how did the beginnings of this band from Brazil sound, which as far as lyrics and instruments go rather would feel at home in Ireland?

Well, you could hear quite a bit that on "Tuatha De Danann" they still had been at the beginning of their career, because the whole thing is a bit bumpier than on the following releases, even though they could already show their potential, with Irish flutes and the typically folky melodies in the vocals as well as the guitars, while in the title track we also see a dramatic increase of tempo and heaviness at one point and rough vocals join in.

But apart from the occasional bump in the play or the melody TUATHA DE DANANN already four years ago showed that they definitely are a band that differs from the mainstream, even during the Power Metal flood they still sounded different with their mix of Power Metal, real Folk and IRON MAIDEN, which is maybe the best fitting description for their self titled debut that consists of four tracks and four more tracks that here are labelled as bonus tracks, what for or from ever they have been bonussed for, I have no clue.

Vocally there also are some light bumps, but songs like the band hymn "Tuatha De Danann", "The Bards Of Infinity" or "Faeryage" showcase the potential of these Brazilians that they would truly start to tap two years later with "Tingaralatingadun". So if you like your Metal original, then TUATHA DE DANANN are a band to go for! (Online August 21, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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