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Hin Onde - Songs Of Battle (9/10) - Finland - 2000

Genre: Viking Metal
Label: Aftermath Music
Playing time: 56:29
Band homepage: -


  1. Songs Of Battle
  2. House Of Hel
  3. The Rune-Singer's Path
  4. Soulswan
  5. Twelve Valiant Men
  6. Burning The Lake Alue
  7. Fimbulwinter
  8. Through Sinister Landscapes
  9. Language Of The Woods
  10. 24th of September 1155
  11. Paganheart
  12. House Of Hel (Alt.version)
  13. The Rune-Singer's Path (Alt.version)
  14. Soulswan (Alt.version)
Hin Onde - Songs Of Battle
If there really have been songs like these in the battles of the Vikings, then I'll put in my reservation for the next time-travel for sure! What HIN ONDE are offering to us here, is (at least from the music) purest Viking Metal, who liked the first two THYRFING-albums (just as a small comparison) should love the debut of HIN ONDE, because the Finns combine heavy guitars and partly rough vocals with epic keyboard-parts and enrich it with folky melodies and also a clean voice.

On "House Of Hel" those keyboards even take on some certain AMORPHIS-touch, a little "Black Winter Day"-like, even though the music, of course, cannot be compared. Three more tracks can be named highlights by myself: "The Rune-Singer's Path", very varied in tempo, with a healthy dose of keyboards, clean vocals in the chorus and this certain THYRFING/EINHERJER-feeling (but without copying them), then the very epic "Fimbulwinter", IMO the best track here, and "24th of September 1155" with its guitars and rhythm somehow reminding me a little of SLOUGH FEG and a straight chorus with clean voice and piano in the background!

But the rest doesn't have to hide in shame, apart from the fact that the production is not exactly Abyss-standard, especially the vocals are suffering from that.

For a debut I can/want to/have to attest that something big might be coming your way in the future!

Alexander Melzer

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