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H.I.M. - Love Metal (7,5/10) - Finland - 2003

Genre: Gothic Rock / Metal
Label: BMG
Playing time: 52:52
Band homepage: H.I.M.


  1. Buried Alive By Love
  2. The Funeral Of Hearts
  3. Beyond Redemption
  4. Sweet Pandemonium
  5. Soul On Fire
  6. The Sacrament
  7. This Fortress Of Tears
  8. Circle Of Fear
  9. Endless Dark
  10. The Path
H.I.M. - Love Metal
I think what made HIM so special in the Rock community was Valo's voice and the passionate music that was performed on "Greatest Love Songs" and "Deep Shadows" and "Brilliant Highlights". "Love Metal" goes back a step into "Razorblade Romance" territory. The music is much harder.

"Buried Alive By Love" is very hard with the hard driving guitar riffs and pounding drums. They shred through this song like I have never heard before. Valo's voice is still in tact and enjoyable, but the music is really intense here. "The Funeral Of Hearts" is when I get comfortable with the band once again. It's just like how I remember them: passionate, calm and poppy. The lyrics are still dark and enjoyable. "Beyond Redemption" is another catchy little number just the way I like it.

The CD is good overall just like their previous work, but it took me a second listen to get it. Perhaps, I wasn't in a good mood when I first heard it, but as I listen again, all the trade mark sounds are there along with the romantic voice of Valo and the dark lyrics that make this band so grand.

I guess when I first heard "Buried Alive By Love" I was taken aback a bit and expected a whole new direction from the band. Everything is fine here. (Online September 5, 2003)

Joe Florez

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