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Zero Hour - Metamorphosis (8/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Sensory
Playing time: 53:41
Band homepage: Zero Hour


  1. Eyes Of Denial >mp3
  2. The System Remains The Same >mp3
  3. Rebirth
  4. Voice Of Reason
  5. A Passage
  6. Metamorphosis:
    I Descent >mp3
    II Awaken
    III Union
    IV Solace
    V Ascent
  7. Eyes Of Denial (Demo Version)
  8. Jaded Eyes (Demo)
Zero Hour - Metamorphosis

The Progressive scene is getting more and more competitive by the minute. Can this band survive or will they go unnoticed. Let's evaluate here shall we? This CD is a re-release that is re-mastered, features new artwork by super artist Travis Smith and also includes two demos. The music is fresh and intriguing. In addition to having the technical chops to be in the scene, they add some odd atmospheres to their songs which can be heard on "Eyes Of Denial" and "The System Denies".

This is provided by their keyboardist Matt. The drums are thick and hard much in the vein of Mike Portnoy, but does not replicate his sound by any means. He just goes off like a 747. There are killer solos provided on "Eyes Of Denial" which threw my ass for a loop in a good way. When you hear "Eyes", you hear a harder sound being added to the song. Crushing riffs that will make you take notice. Unlike many other bands who think that you have to be elegant to play Prog, ZERO HOUR gives it the Beauty And The Beast treatment. The drums, guitars and bass just rattle the speakers which is just heavy as hell, but then the keys and vocals smooth it out which balances perfectly.

Superb musicianship and guitar solos if I ever did hear them combined with unique vocals from Erik blended with smart lyrics makes this a can't miss CD for Prog heads. So, the answer is yes! I think this band will swim across the Atlantic just fine and I hope to hear more from this band in the future. They have what it takes to survive in a scene that is now being flooded with Prog wanna be's. (Online September 9, 2003)

Joe Florez

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