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Cripple Bastards - Desperately Insensitive (5/10) - Italy - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Playing time: 27:46
Band homepage: Cripple Bastards


  1. Fear In The Squats Of The Dead >mp3
  2. When Immunities Fall
  3. Cardboard
  4. Intravenous Love-Drip
  5. Odio A Prima Vista >mp3
  6. Bomb ABC No Rio >mp3
  7. The Mushroom Diarrhoea
  8. Rak Ne Prestaje
  9. Get Out And Bite Them
  10. Desperately Insensitive
  11. Me & Her In A Microcosm Of Torture
  12. Jurisdiction
  13. Time Of The Vultures
  14. Idiots Think Slower
  15. I Hate Her >mp3
  16. Inside Out
  17. Being Ripped Off In 2002 >mp3
  18. Respect Or Death >mp3
  19. Partner Della Convenienza >mp3
Cripple Bastards - Desperately Insensitive
Who would ever think that Italy could produce Death/Metalcore bands? Well, that is where CRIPPLE BASTARDS come from and boy oh boy do they put a spin on the genre. "Fear In The Squats Of The Dead" is not only complex musically, but they throw in some shit that you wouldn't expect. It starts off rather mellow, yet complex then break into Death Metal with growling vokills then go off sounding like D.R.I. That right there is jacked up.

"When Immunities Fall" sounds more like Grindcore with a touch of old CANNIBAL CORPSE sound thrown in for good measure. The whole concept of Death Metal meshed with DRI style singing continues throughout the CD. Traditional Death Metal fans may be perplexed by this or might shy away from it, but those who want their Death Metal laced with Hardcore may find this rather amusing. (Online September 13, 2003)

Joe Florez

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