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Dust To Dust - Sick (6/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Alternative Metal
Label: Psyclone
Playing time: 52:33
Band homepage: Dust To Dust


  1. Rot
  2. Sick
  3. Think About It
  4. High
  5. Barely Breathing
  6. Fixon
  7. This Way
  8. Pusher
  9. Shame
  10. Cursed
  11. Supadupamachoman
  12. Blue Sky Lie
Dust To Dust - Sick
DUST TO DUST is led by Rob Traynor and fuses Nu-Metal with serious drumming and crushing guitar riffs and toss in a lot of rhythm , melody and catchy hooks that will get kiddies with braided hair jumping up and down till the song ends. "Rot" is very infectious with its music and Rob raps his way though it. Not my thing, but I will say that I was infected by his sounds.

The title track is a bit more mid tempo with more of a Sludge sound from the guitars. Robs really sings his heart out and it shows. You don't have to think long and hard about his lyrical content as all the songs really speak for themselves and are quite obvious. "Think About It" has more of that Nu-Metal vibe with the atmosphere, but is really more Metal with the heavy riffs. Rob's vocals are also more aggressive, but blends them by being subdued as well.

"High" is a ballad which I would have never thought of Rob being capable of doing, but he does it well. The KORN vibe seems to kick in "Fixon" with the Jonathon Davis style of singing. Things really get bogged down after "High". By the time they pick up again on "Cursed" I lose a lot of interest and you may well too.

Rob is trying to be a well rounded musician here by playing all types tempos, but the feeling just seems to get numb after a while. I think too many slowed down tracks weigh the CD down, but not a bad CD over all. The effort is there and I think Rob and DUST TO DUST will probably only improve with time. (Online September 18, 2003)

Joe Florez

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