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Ricochets - The Ghost Of Our Love (8/10) - Norway - 2003

Genre: Rock
Label: White Jazz
Playing time: 40:56
Band homepage: Ricochets


  1. The Ghost Of Our Love
  2. Nobody Around
  3. Come Around Over
  4. Pick Up The Phone
  5. I Know You're Gonna Leave Me
  6. Cheater At Heart
  7. Red Lights
  8. Depressive Side Of Town
  9. Bad Shape
  10. Guess It's Time
Ricochets - The Ghost Of Our Love
I've received a quite uncommon album from Norway. It's the second album of RICOCHETS, which have their roots in Rockabilly and Country yet don't let miss a measured, punky heaviness. But the most obvious influences are THE DOORS, ROLLING STONES and Jimi Hendrix. It partly sounds very strong after the Swinging Sixties that you can't deny a smile.

The introduction of Hammond organs and an old Fender makes the sound very authentical. With the adding of a bit Stoner- and Punk Rock, the whole album develops into a pretty stoned album, which is also a cool record for non-smokers. Songs like the cool "Pick Up The Phone" with original DOORS organ or the grand opener "The Ghost Of Our Love" are songs with pretty much potential as it goes on for the whole album!

Supercool songs reign but I don't know to which audience this album appeals, because RICOCHETS sit between all chairs. But I like this album very much and put it on again and again between all the mayhem and shredding stuff.

But who was always inspired by some Sixties flair should check this album out. A pretty cool thing! (Online September 9, 2003)

Ralf Henn

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