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Battleroar - s/t (9,5/10) - Greece - 2003

Genre: Epic Metal
Label: Omicron Music
Playing time: 47:39
Band homepage: Battleroar


  1. Swordbrothers
  2. Victorious Path
  3. Egyptian Doom
  4. Mourning Sword
  5. Almuric
  6. Battleroar
  7. Morituri Te Salutant
  8. Megaloman
  9. Berzerker
Battleroar - s/t
BATTLEROAR come from Athens and play wonderfully epic Metal, which is only known by the heroes of the 80s. No kidding, this is the best Greek band, I've ever heard. A pleasure for everybody who digs on MANOWAR but has problems with their new album. This here is something for fans of the first row.

But they aren't a MANOWAR clone. It's more their barbarian image and all the sword & sorcery lyrics. BATTLEROAR have also something in common with OMEN, DOOMSWORD and riffwise they remind me partly of STORMWITCH! Speaking of OMEN, this album sounds like their comeback record should have sounded because in comparison to "Battleroar", "Eternal Black Dawn" is nothing! By the way, OMEN guitar player Kenny Powell plays the guitar here on one song (hopefully, he pays attention, just for the next album...).

Another positive aspect besides the great guitars are absolutely the vocals provided by the Italian Marco Concoreggi, who has a midranged, heroical voice, which offers a slightly obscure character to the whole thing. Furthermore there is no single negative song to hear. Songs like "Swordbrothers" or "Egyptian Doom" have some really great moments, which bring me a fat goose flesh! BATTLEROAR don't use speedy songs, they rather use doomy tunes. Fucking heavy!

Thinking of it, that this is just the debut of them, lets high expectations for the next releases from the land of the Gods! For me it's the Epic Metal album of the year! BATLLEORAR rules! (Online September 13, 2003)

Ralf Henn

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