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Olc Sinnsir - The Throne Of Dead Emotions (7/10) - France - 2003

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Oaken Shield
Playing time: 40:28
Band homepage: Olc Sinnsir


  1. The Coronation Of Despair
  2. The Infection Of Light
  3. L'Epitre De Purete
  4. Son Of The Impure
  5. Under The Throne Of Dead Emotions
  6. The Scars Of The Martyrs
  7. Luciferi Præeminentia
Olc Sinnsir - The Throne Of Dead Emotions
OLC SINNSIR's (formed in 1997) first release leaves little or no room for questions about the band's direction. Blastbeat infested faster than the speed of light brutal satanic Black Metal is the definition I'd come up with this band. First of its kin coming from France that I've ever heard…

This really is fast, and I do mean really fast. The blastbeats seem to melt into one huge clicking sound. If it was this fast all the time I'd probably give in already but luckily there's plenty of slower parts between the blasts to keep this from getting too jejune. These changes in rhythm and some very nice riffs also show that these guys have given thought about the atmosphere and compositions rather than just coming up with one single idea and doing a song based on that. On the negative side there's not much to set this apart from you basic Black Metal release of the same kind. There are a few more original ideas (like "L'Epitre De Purete" sung completely in French) and at times these guys really do sound horribly twisted and wrong.

Songs like "Under The Throne Of Dead Emotions" and "The Scars Of The Martyrs" are really good. There's no arguing about that. The musicianship is decent to say the least and especially the drummer proves to be very adept behind the battery. So they may be derivative, but they do show a good amount of potential.

This is far from awesome, but still decent if somewhat generic. Worth a listen if you can put that behind you and/or are really into this kind of music. (Online September 14, 2003)

Jari Huusko

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