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Fleshgrind - Murder Without End (8,5/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Century Media (USA)
Playing time: 35:22
Band homepage: Fleshgrind


  1. Murder Without End
  2. Sycophantic
  3. Duct Taped And Raped
  4. Enslaved To My Wrath
  5. Displayed Decay
  6. Perversion Of Innocence
  7. In Sickness Intertwined
  8. Libertine Atonement
  9. Pistolwhipped
  10. Holy Pedophile 2003
Fleshgrind - Murder Without End
Today hasn't been the best I've had. I don't know why exactly (well actually I do, but I'm not going to tell you) but I've been totally pissed off the whole day long. If someone would dare ask about it I'd rip their arms off and beat them to death with the bloody stumps…errr riiight. Now the best cure for this is to listen to some totally sick, violent and the most brutal thing you can find in your collection. Browsing through my own collection I thought I might give FLESHGRIND's latest a chance. The info speaks of hatred and brutality being translated into music, annihilation of audiences and this being the most unrelenting music out there. Sounds like a perfect choice then, eh?

Certainly! Like a fist with shards of glass glued on to make sure it makes the most mess of the opponent's face this will rip through flesh and splatter you with blood. The ultimate rush of adrenaline. Instilling the want to go berserk and butcher everything in sight and bathe in the blood of those unfortunate victims. This is some really sick shit. So violent, so brutal, so full of hatred. Oozing every bit of the negative energy the band has gathered in the last years (judging by that they have gone through some pretty damn hard times!) Ah, this is perfect! Perfect to vent my own anger. See, I'm feeling better already!

Musically this is brutal Death Metal of the likes of DEEDS OF FLESH and MALEVOLENT CREATION with a bit of HATE ETERNAL. Fast but technical. The drummer is incredible, someone might recognise the name Derek Hoffman from GORGASM, but seriously there's not one weak link here. And with his damn low grunts Rich Lipscomb sounds so freakin' pissed off I do believe he's releasing all his hatred on the poor listener here.

Each song is a damn good slab of intense brutality. Oh to make the whole frenzy sound even more twisted there's some piano parts at the beginning of some songs, like the title track and "Duct Taped And Raped". By the way the latter one is also one of the few songs here that I can actually make out what he is saying, in the chorus section. It's just repeating "duct taped and raped, raped and raped" but it's always nice to make out ANY sentence when dealing with this kind of Metal, even if it is as 'healthy' as this here.

This is mostly just straightforward butchering but there's some really great riffs of the Gothenburg style on "Displayed Decay". The following slab offers a bit of Sweden, too, but now it's more in the rhythm of a certain passage. Those two points alone add a whole new dimension to this so to speak and makes them probably the best tracks of the CD if I'd have to choose or recommend songs from this one.

Overall "Murder Without End" is one of the best brutal Death Metal slabs of this year so far. Unrelenting and full of hatred. Everyone really pissed off and needing a fix of adrenaline will find a cure from this release. Pure murder without end all 35 minutes of it! (Online September 15, 2003)

Jari Huusko

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