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13 tablatures for Macabre

Macabre - Murder Metal (9/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Grindcore / Death Metal
Label: Season Of Mist
Playing time: 44:20
Band homepage: Macabre


  1. Acid Bath Vampire
  2. You're Dying To Be With Me
  3. Fatal Foot Fetish
  4. The Hillside Stranglers
  5. Dorthea's Dead Folks Home
  6. The Iceman
  7. Poison
  8. Werewolf Of Bedburg
  9. Morbid Minister
  10. The Wüstenfeld Man Eater
  11. Diary Of Torture
  12. Jack The Ripper
  13. Fritz Haarman der Metzger
Macabre - Murder Metal
Mass murderers and the ensuing fascination that they have on many "regular people" is remarkable, at times even frightening. If documentaries, movies or in this case music, nothing has been left out by the deeds of these brutes. With MACABRE the oldest formation in terms of "Murder Metal" is coming back, quite furiously, if I may add. When they set out back in 1987 with their mini LP "Grim Reality" and set the foundation for their bloody journey, they were belittled often. But that changed with the following killer epos "Gloom" (1989), where for the first time the whole class of the band was revealed. After their 1993 album "Sinister Slaughter" it grew very quiet around the three freaks. Only with "Dahmer" (2000) they returned years later with a complete album and again spread terror among the masses.

But not enough with that, because with "Murder Metal" (they could not have chosen any better name) the next chainsaw massacre has arrived. Thirteen further stories from the big repertoire of Corporate Death (Guitar and Vocals), Nefarious (Bass and Vocals) and Dennis The Menace (Drums) can be found on their new opus and open the door to the MACABRE cabinet of horrors again. Besides the unique and variable vocals again the highly technical musicianship is in the foreground. Ever since there have been no barriers for MACABRE and the spectrum that the band covers here is almost insatiable. If classical Metal, influences from Jazz, Punk and Rock or nursery rhymes, they use it all and they also fit.

Besides the incredible amount of different sounds the mighty production of Neil Kernon, who already had worked with CANNIBAL CORPSE, JUDAS PRIEST, DYING FETUS or NEVERMORE, just runs you over. "Murder Metal" is, as not to be expected otherwise, has turned out to be a roundabout that should not only hit the hardest of the heavy, but also junkies of detailed music. (Online October 26, 2003)

Alexander Ehringer

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