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Lowdown - Unknown (2/10) - Norway - 2003

Genre: Nu-Metal
Label: Black Balloon Records
Playing time: 55:18
Band homepage: Lowdown


  1. Unknown
  2. Intenz >mp3
  3. Sixxth
  4. 25 Bullets >mp3
  5. Big Target
  6. Insane Lane
  7. Breakdown
  8. Finding Truth
  9. State Of Mind
  10. Take A Minute
  11. Struggling
Lowdown - Unknown
The first thing I noticed was how clueless Black Balloon Records was when it came to Metal. They made some comment about how 'despite the fact that LOWDOWN paint their face, that they didn't play Black Metal.' A quick look at these guys would have immediately dispelled any idea about LOWDOWN and any form of extreme Metal. All the members had a thick line of black paint running vertically from the top to the bottom of their face, making them more akin to MUDVAYNE than IMMORTAL image wise.

Musically, it's the same story. They sited influxes ranging from MACHINE HEAD, and SLIPKNOT, and I don't think I could have summed up their music more efficiently. Now. I will admit to liking both bands (although later day MACHINE HEAD leaves me cold) but that's about the extent of it all. Since LOWDOWN sited both bands as an influence, I figured that perhaps there would be something of value on this CD, and when I played it at first I found it slightly enjoyable.

I let the CD sit for a while after that, and then decided to give it another listen, and this listen changed my mind completely. I'm not quite sure what I found enjoyable the first time, but whatever aspects they were, they were completely gone this time. This CD has worn it's enjoyability down faster than any other CD I can think of in my collection. Instead of being something fresh, it has become a redundant piece of plastic, with nothing new to offer. On top of that, it comes off as a weak band trying to come across as really hardcore. Parts in songs that start to build and should just explode just stay there, leaving the listener with an extremely anti climatic bridge.

Not only would I not recommend this to Metal fans, but I wouldn't even recommend this to Nu-Metal fans. (Online September 17, 2003)

Mark McKenna

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