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Sodom - One Night In Bangkok (9/10) - Germany - 2003

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Steamhammer
Playing time: 49:50/48:54
Band homepage: Sodom


    CD 1
  1. Among The Weirdcong
  2. The Vice Of Killing
  3. Der Wachturm
  4. The Saw Is The Law
  5. Blasphemer
  6. Sodomized
  7. Remember The Fallen
  8. I Am The War
  9. Eat Me!
  10. Masquerade In Blood
  11. M 16
  12. Agent Orange
  13. Outbreak Of Evil
CD 2
  1. Sodomy And Lust
  2. Napalm In The Morning
  3. Fuck The Police
  4. Tombstone
  5. Witching Metal
  6. The Enemy Inside
  7. Die Stumme Ursel
  8. Ausgebombt
  9. Code Red
  10. Ace Of Spades
  11. Stalinorgel
  12. Videotrack: Among The Weirdcong
Sodom - One Night In Bangkok
Tom Angelripper is the rock in the wile Thrash Metal sea. The man stubbornly goes his own way, without really looking to the left or right too much. Where companions like KREATOR looked at Gothic/Dark Wave elements or DESTRUCTION let their progressive vein come through ("Release From Agony"), SODOM pulled their own thing through, stubborn as a mule.

After "Mortal Way Of Live" and "Marooned" we now already get their third live double decker. "One Night In Bangkok" has been - the title shows it - thrashed in in Thailand. Even though the equipment there was a mid-sized catastrophe, the guys (above all roadie Collin Altree) managed to get the max out. The sound of the DCD is like the music itself, rough, greasy and fat.

And SODOM hand out one volley after the other, shooting it right into the hungry mob. Beginning from stone old classics like "Witching Metal" or "Outbreak Of Evil" (which is started out slowly and then turns into the known neck breaker) up to new stuff ala "Among The Weirdcong" the album offers the wide spectrum of first class Thrash. I personally miss some songs like "Nuclear Winter", "Obsessed By Cruelty" or "Marines", but you can't have it all.

For that we get a brand new song with "The Enemy Inside", which is no second to the "M-16" stuff. And the MOTÖRHEAD cover version "Ace Of Spades" also rocks like hell. (Online September 25, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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