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Sodom - One Night In Bangkok (6/10) - Germany - 2003

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Steamhammer
Playing time: 49:50/48:54
Band homepage: Sodom


    CD 1
  1. Among The Weirdcong
  2. The Vice Of Killing
  3. Der Wachturm
  4. The Saw Is The Law
  5. Blasphemer
  6. Sodomized
  7. Remember The Fallen
  8. I Am The War
  9. Eat Me!
  10. Masquerade In Blood
  11. M 16
  12. Agent Orange
  13. Outbreak Of Evil
CD 2
  1. Sodomy And Lust
  2. Napalm In The Morning
  3. Fuck The Police
  4. Tombstone
  5. Witching Metal
  6. The Enemy Inside
  7. Die Stumme Ursel
  8. Ausgebombt
  9. Code Red
  10. Ace Of Spades
  11. Stalinorgel
  12. Videotrack: Among The Weirdcong
Sodom - One Night In Bangkok
This is the third live album from these drunken Germans. Just like MOTÖRHEAD and AC/DC, SODOM is able to release the same style of albums year after year and they still sell. These masters of drunken Thrash give it all they have with their brand of drunken piss and venom in Bangkok, Thailand in front of 500+ people who are in dire need of a good show.

Practically spanning their 20-year career, they dig up at least one or two tracks from every album including several from "M-16", which they were promoting at the time. I was never much of a fan of the band, but how can you not have anything from "Persecution Mania"? This was a turning point for the band. At any rate, you will surely Thrash till you drop with such classics as "The Saw Is The Law", "Agent Orange" among the many other tracks that were culled from the band. They also do a nice tribute to the mighty MOTÖRHEAD and give it all they have on their version of "Ace Of Spades". This is much faster and rawer than the original. A sure fire way to raise your blood pressure.

Tom Angelripper and his merry madmen let it rip from beginning to end with no slowing down which is probably why I can only listen to this double disc in small portions. The recording is about as raw as it gets and is not polished which is good for the die-hard fans. The CD also comes with an enhanced video track for "Among The Weirdcong". All the band has to do now is release this as a DVD and they will join the ranks of KREATOR who did so earlier this year. (Online October 25, 2003)

Joe Florez

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