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Ostrogoth - Mausoleum: The Official 20th Anniversary Concert Album (-/10) - Belgium - 2003

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Mausoleum Records
Playing time: 54:26
Band homepage: -


  1. Full Moon's Eyes (Ostrogoth)
  2. Too Hot (Ostrogoth)
  3. Queen Of Desire (Ostrogoth)
  4. Kleptomania (Killer)
  5. Blinded (Killer)
  6. Ready For Hell (Killer)
  7. The Hunter (Ostrogoth)
  8. We Are The Axe (Ostrogoth)
  9. Samurai (Ostrogoth)
  10. All We Are (Killer Feat. Doro)
  11. Burning The Witches (Killer Feat. Doro)
Ostrogoth - Mausoleum: The Official 20th Anniversary Concert Album
For the twentieth jubilee Belgian cult label Mausoleum Records present us with a nice compilation. On the CD we get some live songs of OSTROGOTH and KILLER (Belgium). OSTROGOTH bet out altogether six songs, three of which sung by original singer Marc "Red Star" De Brauwer and the other three by former CROSSFIRE and later OSTROGOTH Shouter Peter De Wint. The 80s freaks will shed a tear or two with songs like the ultra hit "Full Moon's Eyes" (which a short time ago has been covered by Italian SKANNERS) or the thunder bolt "Samurai". Just one question: Why the hell is the so damn cool "Love In The Streets" not contained here?

I cannot say too much about the MOTÖRHEAD/TANK fans KILLER, as I only have their "Wall Of Sound" album. Off that one at least "Kleptomania" is whipped out in a good version. And at least I like the newly added keyboards quite a bit. The other two songs also are good, especially the straight "Ready For Hell".

In the end then Doro Pesch joins KILLER for two songs, which makes sense as the WARLOCK debut had been released via Mausoleum Records. Off that album we also get the title track "Burning The Witches" in a damn good version. But why the heck is "All We Are" on this sampler? First off the live take sounds so off and secondly looking at the reason for this release "Signs Of Satan" might have been the better choice. (Online September 26, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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