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Týr - Erik The Red (8,5/10) - Faroe Islands - 2003

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Tútl Records
Playing time: 60:27
Band homepage: Týr


  1. The Edge >mp3
  2. Regin Smidur >mp3
  3. Dreams
  4. The Wild Rover
  5. Styrisvolurin
  6. Olavur Riddararos
  7. Rainbow Warrior
  8. Ramund Hin Unge
  9. Alive
  10. Eric The Red
Týr - Erik The Red
Oh, this is definitively my first contact with a band coming from the Faroe Isles. This is in fact the second album of TÝR, unfortunately I'm not familiar with the previous record "How Far To Asgaard". What the guys offer is really impressive and especially pretty catchy. I never listened to such a mixture of Viking Metal, Folk and Progressive Rock before. It sounds if THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG and FALCONER would conjugate and the result is TÝR! But that's also not completely correct as this guys act more folky and also very complexly.

Especially that strange vocallines grabbed my attention. But what seems bulky in the beginning develops to well-thought songs with long-term effects. Omnipresent is always that hymnal touch, which is provided by the polyphonic singing. That pretty epical feeling is drawn throughout the whole playing time. Extraordinary compositions like "Dreams" aren't easy to describe, they are so griping and elevated. Or take the fantastic "Rainbow Warrior", which is an exemplar for extraordinary songwriting. What troubles me a bit is the Irish booze hymn "The Wild Rover", which was foozled by the German pop singers KLAUS & KLAUS and their "An der Nordseeküste" a few years ago. One can't be so drunken to really enjoy that, eh? Okay, the fewest have known that this melody stems from Ireland... it's indeed done with a Metallic approach but it doesn't fit into the atmosphere of the other songs!

But apart from that I'm really inspired and I think that TÝR are a welcome spot of paint in a scene, where many bands are stylistically exchangeable! Just think of all the QUEENSRYCHE, HELLOWEEN or DREAM THEATER clones out there! Production wise the album is also well-done. The disc seems very homogenous for an own production (by the way, it's not an own production. Responsible for it was Jacob Hansen, also known from LIPID - Alex)! (Online September 21, 2003)

Ralf Henn

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