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Puya - Union (10/10) - Puerto Rico - 2001

Genre: Nu-Metal
Label: MCA
Playing time: 65:06
Band homepage: -


  1. Ride
  2. People
  3. Erizo
  4. Socialize
  5. Numbed
  6. Bridge
  7. Si Aja
  8. No Interference
  9. Semilla
  10. Matter Of Time
  11. Pa' Ti Pa' Mi
  12. Ahorake
  13. Union
Puya - Union
With their album "Fundamental" in 1999, the Puerto Ricans already gained attention with a very impressive work and so it's not a wonder that "Union" is so multi-layered and persuading. The album starts with "Ride" and "People" rather dignified and solid but from "Erizo" on, every song is more interesting and more diversified than the previous one.

The dominant usage of trumpets, sax and other wind instruments of the previous record has much decreased on "Union", but the traditional and Mexican type influences have enlarged and they work better in the whole sound as it would be the easiest thing on earth and so, the frontiers of the individual musicstyles often get blurry. Who always wanted to know how the BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB would sound on Heavy Metal, PUYA offer this unique chance.

On "Numbed", "Bridge" and "Si Aja", they used a lot of tricks and some guest musician appears on this tracks to capture the right flair. But the uniqueness of this band is not only caused by the exotic influences, it's also the equally presented Metal influence. "Union" is not a dull album, it's very matured. Enough heaviness and power, combined with nearly progressive appraoches, that's the concept of PUYA. Also "No Interference", "Matter Of Time" (reminds me slightly of ANTHRAX), "Pa' Ti Pa' Mi" and "Ahorake" (Ethno Metal?) are no exception. The final track leads the album to a fitting end and shows again what is so special about PUYA.

"Union" was produced by Mudrock (CHIMAIRA, for example), Garth "GGGarth" Richardson (SPINESHANK, MUDVAYNE...) and the band itself. Also the production is very proper and who looks for a really individual piece of music and has no problems with experimentals, finds its pleasure with PUYA. Promised! (Online September 23, 2003)

Alexander Ehringer

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