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Liberty 37 - God Machine (9/10) - Great Britain - 2001

Genre: Alternative Rock
Label: Mighty Atom Records
Playing time: 46:00
Band homepage: Liberty 37


  1. Jihad
  2. Stanislaw
  3. 1942
  4. All Of Myself
  5. Broadside
  6. Father Forgive Me
  7. Mary Jones
  8. Cover My Eyes
  9. Idle Hands
  10. Head Of David
  11. Where Is Your Saviour?
Liberty 37 - God Machine
Other bands would have given up and would have looked for another job. But not LIBERTY 37. After they had released their debut "The Greatest Gift" through the Beggars Banquet record label, everything seemed okay. But they didn't achieve the requested sales despite very good critics and a technical high performance and that's why the band was dropped by the label.

But this was the chance for the record label Mighty Atom Productions, which is domiciled in the hometown of the band (Swansea/Wales) and so they signed LIBERTY 37. A pleasure not only for band and label but also hopefully for numerous pretentious music fans. "God Machine" is one of that records, one hopes for a few months afore and eventually get disappointed. But "God Machine" is a first class surprise and a first class piece of music, you don't find very often within one year.

LIBERTY 37 play basically Rock music but use also influences from Metal, Hardcore and even Pop and they don't set any limits due to commercially thoughts. Atmosphere, emotion and a good feeling for emotionally griping songs ("All Of Myself", "Broadside", "Cover My Eyes", ...) are the cornerstones for a well-thought concept. It's hard to pick out one song because there are no fillers on "God Machine". The political and religious direction of the lyrics is very important for singer Ishmael Lewis but he also admits, that LIBERTY 37 aren't lyrically to compare with bands like RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. He and the band rather want to inspire the listener to think about some things and "Jihad", "Stanislaw" or "1942" are clearly to understand but not preaching.

LIBERTY 37 are the fortunate counterpart to megasellers like STAIND and Co., they aren't worse than those bands and due to the high quality of their songs, they can expect a bigger popularity. (Online September 24, 2003)

Alexander Ehringer

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