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Evergrey - In Search Of Truth (9,5/10) - Sweden - 2001

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: InsideOut
Playing time: 47:49
Band homepage: Evergrey


  1. The Masterplan
  2. Rulers Of The Mind
  3. Watching The Skies
  4. State Of Paralysis
  5. The Encounter
  6. Mark Of The Triangle
  7. Dark Waters
  8. Different Worlds
  9. Misled
Evergrey - In Search Of Truth
In my review of "Solitude*Dominance*Tragedy" I had prophesied "If they continue to develop as they have between "The Dark Discovery" and "Solitude*Dominance*Tragedy", then the third album will be incredible..." Well, it has not turned out to be "incredible", but it's damn close, strong and yet another impressive evolution compared to their second effort, now truly establishing EVERGREY in the spearhead of this genre.

After changing the line-up in three positions the keyboard nowadays plays a more important role in the EVERGREY-sound (be it as "typical" keyboard or piano), but always used for the very best of the song, adding another dimension to the compositions of the Swedes, which you only now realise had been missing before, sometimes they even venture into DREAM THEATER-y regions with the use of the keys...

The whole album is based upon an equally weird and interesting and dark concept, which deals with a man, who realises that something is wrong with him. He fears light and darkness alike and under hypnosis comes to know that he had been abducted by aliens, apparently more than once. In the course of the album he tries to find out and understand what exactly had happened...

What becomes evident on "In Search Of Truth" from the first moment on is that EVERGREY only sound like one thing: EVERGREY. Tom Englund's characteristic and expressive voice alone would already be enough to lift this band up from the myriads of other bands, but the music itself has grown even more original and unique than already on"Solitude*Dominance*Tragedy". It impresses with its multi-dimensionality and depth, with stunning variability. This begins right away with the opening "The Masterplan", which is introduced with a spoken sample, which also kicks off the dark concept...

This song convinces by its dark atmosphere and its brilliant arrangement, atmospheric, melodic passages go hand in hand with heavy guitars, driven by mid-paced double-bass, despite its complexity always accessible, a small masterpiece right at the start. The following "Rulers Of The Mind" continues this musical roller-coaster-ride in masterly fashion, soft, keyboard-oriented parts seamlessly merge into heavier passages, above everything hovers the variable voice of Tom Englund, which leaves its very distinct mark on the sound!

And if that was not enough already, we get the next hammer with "Watching The Skies", impressive, powerful, with a brilliant contrast between the heavy guitars and the relatively soft keyboards, everything so very harmonic and dynamic, sheer brilliance! "State Of Paralysis" then only has a playing time of 2:14 minutes, but it is so incredibly intensive that it seems that the power of a considerably longer song had been compressed into this one, exclusively comprising of piano and urgent vocals. Seamlessly it turns into "The Encounter", which just like "Mark Of The Triangle" is a good bit more powerful and heavier, but never neglecting the atmosphere and intricate arrangements, quite the contrary, softer, more emotional parts always are entwined to keep up the tension within the songs.

And then, yes, then we have THE absolute highlight, despite a "Nosferatu", a "Words Mean Nothing", a "The Masterplan" and a "Watching The Skies" in my opinion the creative pinnacle of EVERGREY's career so far: "Dark Waters". Intensive, with equally heavy guitars and emotional passages, emotive vocals, driving rhythms and a symphonic element including a complete choir that would have fit onto any album by TRISTANIA or THREION, everything seamlessly woven together, creating an impressive piece of masterly art full of dramatic, dynamic and intensive moods that only very few other songs in the whole genre even come close to!

Introduced by keyboard, piano and emphatic vocals, then supported by some acoustic guitars, "Different Worlds" leads us into just these, soft, atmospheric, but just as intensive, and the end is brought up by "Misled", almost straight-forward, but still not simple, again showing to us the whole emotional spectrum of the EVERGREY-sound.

That Andy LaRoque together with Tom Englund has given this album a crystal-clear, but within that very powerful sound and the whole thing is crowned by a brilliant cover (I have no information on it, but just looking at it, it only can be yet another masterpiece of Travis Smith! - Correction, this one is NOT a Smith, this is a Mattias Norn, storartad, min vn!) make the third album by EVERGREY to an almost essential album for each, yes, EACH Metalhead!

And don't let your first encounter fool you, this album gets better and better with each rotation, because only with time you will be able to fully understand the true grandeur and class of this CD! And the comparison with "Operation: Mindcrime", the legendary mother of all concept-albums by QUEENSRYCHE, as one colleague of mine had mentioned, sometimes is not as forced as it might seem, due to the concept and the exceptional musical execution...

Alexander Melzer

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