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Built Upon Frustration - Resurrected (6,5/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Hardcore Metal
Label: Da Core
Playing time: 33:15
Band homepage: Built Upon Frustration


  1. The Rest Of The World
  2. Where I Belong
  3. Confronting
  4. Personal Games For Personal Gain
  5. Redemption
  6. Nothing
  7. Resurrecting
  8. Show No Weakness
  9. Turn My Back
  10. Matter Of Time
Built Upon Frustration - Resurrected
There is a bit more piss and venom being slung around here than your average Metalcore band here. Sludge and speed come at you faster than a freight train on "The Rest Of The World". Chugging riffs with harsh vokills and ferocious drumming make this one painful listening session. The Metalcore scene is being deluged with a bunch of bands and sounds that are similar to one another and it's making the scene weak in no time flat. It's becoming harder by the day to weed out the weak, but somehow this band manages to rear its ugly head and says that we are slightly different.

Hardcore fans should be chomping at the bit with this brand of Hardcore and Metal meshed in. This comes off a little bit like Hardcore and Metalcore. You can hear the difference from the opening track. "Where I Belong" offers both Hardcore and Metalcore in its song structure, but the guys are able to filter it out to the point where you can hear the difference without it all being one big cluster fuck. Each track here offers plenty of raw power and energy that will have you exhausted once the disc is all said and done. The songs move in like a hit man and are done before you know it and move on to the next track.

It's hard to pick out what bands in this scene can cause the most impact. They all now sound alike and are vicious both musically and vocally. BUILT UPON FRUSTRATION lets you know that they offer something a bit more to the scene and this CD is worth your hard earned cash. BUILT UPON FRUSTRATION will no doubt give you your money's worth. (Online October 23, 2003)

Joe Florez

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